Speaking at a Time to Heal

Imagine your worst fears coming true. For some, it may be goblins getting you in the dark. For others, it is getting cancer–breast cancer. You have seen your mother, aunts, sisters, and friends suffer with the disease. It is months of treatment and surgeries, fighting, and healing. At Time to Heal, a local breast cancer support group in Barrington, there is a glimmer of hope. Women gather from the surrounding area to learn more their options, side effects, insider tips, and gain support from those who are in the same boat. Time to Heal contacted me through the Advocate Good Shephard Hospital Health and Fitness Center. I perform Acupuncture at the Spa there Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Donna Smga is the coordinator and was so pleased when I asked if Powerpoint capabilities were possible. The evening group was thrilled with their goodie bags and came prepared with educated questions and unmatched curiosity. I presented for an hour on what acupuncture feels like, how it works, what it treats, when to do it, and expectations. We went over the neurophysiology and the evidenced based aspects of acupuncture. They were engaged and attentive, even though the most scientific parts. We discussed how acupuncture is effective for CIPN- Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, nausea, joint pains, among a host of many other conditions. We did thirty minutes of questions. I showed them acupressure points to help control the nausea when a wave hits.

It was an honor to speak with such a tough group of women. If you are bummed you missed it, I’ll be presenting again for a morning group in April 17 from 10-11:30 AM at Advocate Hospital in Barrington. If you want to try acupuncture for your own ailments, give me a call to see if it is a good option for you: (224) 760-9967